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What does my Gigwalk Performance score mean?

posted this on Jan 27 03:56 PM

Your Gigwalk Performance score is a measure of your success on the Gigwalk Platform and allows customers to choose workers for their Gigs that are reliable and consistently do good work. Your score is displayed as a percentage and tells you how you compare to other Gigwalkers (i.e. you are among the top 10% of Gigwalkers). Your Performance score is dynamic and moves up or down based on actions like successfully completing gigs, having your work rejected, and activity in the app.


Higher Gigwalk Performance scores increase your chances of being selected for more complex and higher paying Gigs. In addition, your Performance score determines how many Gigs you are allowed to claim at a time


If you are using the Android app, you can view your Performance score inside the app, on your Profile page. This feature will be coming soon to the iOS app as well. You can also see your Performance score at the bottom of Recommender emails (alerts to Gigs perfect for you in your area) you receive from Gigwalk.


If something happens that negatively affects you Performance score, and you feel that it wasn’t your fault, please understand that there is not currently a way for us to remove the incident from your Performance. However, each incident has only a small effect, so don’t worry! These types of things happen to all Gigwalkers from time to time. Just keep doing the great work you do, and you Performance score will recover in no time!

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