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  • eliannys zoe

    Hi I speak in spanish

  • Nikki

    Está bien, Eliannys. Yo también puedo comunicar en español. Y además, ¡estoy segura que otros Gigwalkers pueden comunicarse en español para ayudarle también!

    El problema que encontrarás es que todos los Gigs en el app están escritos en inglés. Así que, si Ud no tiene un buen entendimiento del idioma inglés, no podrá completar los Gigs en una manera suficiente.

  • Jenn Hawkins

    Only English for me.

  • Stephen Moesel

    Mi llamo Estaban. Yo habla pequeno en espanol. I think I said that right. LOL!

  • Cheryl J Brooks

    Like you said Stephen a little Spanish. I wish I spoke more though because I have a grandson who is half Spanish.

  • Ricky Cisero

    Hi gigwalk did I waste my time and is this a real company I saw something about u guys on TV that's way I did if it a waste of time don't lie 2 people its not right just Im out

  • Nikki

    Hi Ricky. Gigwalk is a real company! If you download the Gigwalk app from the app store, then you can view the map to see if there are gigs available near you right now. If not right now, check back again in the future, sometimes gigs are claimed quickly.

  • Ricky Cisero

    Hi Nikki funny thing I did do a gig for u guys never got paid just saying Im keeping it real !!

  • Ricky Cisero

    Hi Nikki Again I did download your app as well and just unistall it as well again Ive done 2 gigs for u guys just to see are u guys a real company I saw something about u guys on TV that's way I was curious just saying enjoy your day I have 2 get to my real job !!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Hi Ricky! I had one of my team members check into it for you, and he has replied to your support ticket. You should be receiving your payment as soon as your work is approved.

  • Hannah Henderson

    Hi gig walk! So a couple weeks ago, I did 2 snack audits. The other day (Tuesday ) I realised I did not have my two snack Audits. I completed the work, and did everything I was supposed to do and only got paid for 1 snack audit. They're $4.50 each. This is an issue because I completed both, and did exactly the same thing, at both locations and even got 2 emails from you guys staying you were trying to pay me. But needed my info. Please fix this...they were both reasors stores snack audits on crackers.

  • Aiah Gbessay

    Hey ..goodmornign guys

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