Why was I removed from the gig?




  • Davis Castillo

    Recent photo of Gigwalk location was not able to be re-uploaded to photo area on app. This is a problem, as all photos are saved on the phone. The 3 dots at the top, only offer to withdrawal from the gig. We need a way to upload recent photos back into the camera photo area within the app.

  • Tavare Ragin

    I totally agree with David Castillo. Being able to reload photo will help your percentage of satisfied costumers

  • Angela Kay Anderson

    The location of the business that they gave me was wrong. There was no business at that location at all!

  • Lisa Voyce

    There was no Sears at the location and sent a message to the client.

  • Jerome Greenberg

    Still haven't seen payment but says I've been paid for 1 gig. Thought Ive dont 30. Really can't see the update information or payment in paypal

  • Michael Hannigan

    This stupid fucking thing tells me I can select time frame, and then when I apply, it says you have "3 hours" when the fucking store is closed!

  • Bob White

    Yes, the pics are saved on my phone too, yet gig photos are not uploaded in timeframe - even though prompt says they will. If the business has stronger wifi 2 things can happen. 1) upload waits for that signal? 2) When you switch gig photos disappear, yet remain in iPhone gallery ?

  • Theresa Sanzi

    I had an appointment and my gps didn't show it, so I used the one connected to gps. The address given was incorrect. It listed a street called West, and that address took me into Bull Valley. By the time I figured out that the street was West Northwest Hwy, the director left. I resent the fact that I lost my time and $ and then I'm pulled off the job. I sent a message through the ap that the address was totally messed up. I don't like that it's reflected on me. This was my second attempt to find the place, and the first time I removed myself from it because it wouldn't be completed on time. 


  • Bonnie Fields

    I did reapply approximately an hour ago and then I completed the gig so I just sent it to you

  • marsha cox

    Seriously, there is no reason I should have been removed. I spent almost $30.00 filled out the report then I was removed? This is not right.

  • marsha cox

    I did everything right, I was awarded this gig, I did it, paid almost $30.00 in food then almost 8 hours AFTER I submitted it, I was unassigned. This is completely bogus and very unethical. What gives you the right to I assign AFTER I submit it?

  • Bella Luna

    Marsha you need to write to support for more information about why you are unassigned. It might be a system error and they can fix it only if you shoot them an email. 

  • marsha cox

    I contacted support twice on the gig previous to this one no one has ever responded. So if you kick a dead horse twice its dead not worth kicking again.

  • Bella Luna


  • Joe Trombley

    24 hours is not enough time to resubmit work. I don't live in my inbox everyday. If anything, there should be a notification on the phone that you are rejected because the picture is "blurry" which it wasn't as it was a high resolution snapshot directly from the computer. I will never do another food reimbursement or picture of random address that is wrong again. I recommend everyone here to avoid those like the plague. Very bad experience and Gigwalk really needs to change it. 24 hours is not acceptable for those in field.

  • Bella Luna

    It has always been 24 hours from when they review it. Just how the app is set up unfortunately. 

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