Why was I removed from the gig?




  • Davis Castillo

    Recent photo of Gigwalk location was not able to be re-uploaded to photo area on app. This is a problem, as all photos are saved on the phone. The 3 dots at the top, only offer to withdrawal from the gig. We need a way to upload recent photos back into the camera photo area within the app.

  • Tavare Ragin

    I totally agree with David Castillo. Being able to reload photo will help your percentage of satisfied costumers

  • Angela Kay Anderson

    The location of the business that they gave me was wrong. There was no business at that location at all!

  • Lisa Voyce

    There was no Sears at the location and sent a message to the client.

  • Jerome Greenberg

    Still haven't seen payment but says I've been paid for 1 gig. Thought Ive dont 30. Really can't see the update information or payment in paypal

  • Michael Hannigan

    This stupid fucking thing tells me I can select time frame, and then when I apply, it says you have "3 hours" when the fucking store is closed!

  • Bob White

    Yes, the pics are saved on my phone too, yet gig photos are not uploaded in timeframe - even though prompt says they will. If the business has stronger wifi 2 things can happen. 1) upload waits for that signal? 2) When you switch gig photos disappear, yet remain in iPhone gallery ?

  • Theresa Sanzi

    I had an appointment and my gps didn't show it, so I used the one connected to gps. The address given was incorrect. It listed a street called West, and that address took me into Bull Valley. By the time I figured out that the street was West Northwest Hwy, the director left. I resent the fact that I lost my time and $ and then I'm pulled off the job. I sent a message through the ap that the address was totally messed up. I don't like that it's reflected on me. This was my second attempt to find the place, and the first time I removed myself from it because it wouldn't be completed on time. 


  • Bonnie Fields

    I did reapply approximately an hour ago and then I completed the gig so I just sent it to you

  • marsha cox

    Seriously, there is no reason I should have been removed. I spent almost $30.00 filled out the report then I was removed? This is not right.

  • marsha cox

    I did everything right, I was awarded this gig, I did it, paid almost $30.00 in food then almost 8 hours AFTER I submitted it, I was unassigned. This is completely bogus and very unethical. What gives you the right to I assign AFTER I submit it?

  • Bella Luna

    Marsha you need to write to support for more information about why you are unassigned. It might be a system error and they can fix it only if you shoot them an email. 

  • marsha cox

    I contacted support twice on the gig previous to this one no one has ever responded. So if you kick a dead horse twice its dead not worth kicking again.

  • Bella Luna


  • Joe Trombley

    24 hours is not enough time to resubmit work. I don't live in my inbox everyday. If anything, there should be a notification on the phone that you are rejected because the picture is "blurry" which it wasn't as it was a high resolution snapshot directly from the computer. I will never do another food reimbursement or picture of random address that is wrong again. I recommend everyone here to avoid those like the plague. Very bad experience and Gigwalk really needs to change it. 24 hours is not acceptable for those in field.

  • Bella Luna

    It has always been 24 hours from when they review it. Just how the app is set up unfortunately. 

  • vania

    There is a programming flaw. It is costing your first round of contractors money and time. This is not how you build an empire technical support. There is no way to speak to anyone. It’s email only. That is the most dissatisfying customer service, or lack there of, known to man. I’m out sixty bucks because ONLY while using your app does my iPhone become confused, hot and slow. The servers cannot tolerate the size transfers some of your clients want. We need an encrypted instant messenger within the app, as well as the ability to be able to send each other emails. Include a fill and sign type program and encourage contractors and entrepreneurs alike to create their own data entry’s. Bam, now we’re abundantly flowing cash back and forth effortlessly. I can help troubleshoot the issue with a quick and combative solution. Although I am going back to school. I have a fair amount of computer higher education and maintain several computer science certifications. We all want to see this company win and we want to win with you. Now is a pivotal time. Will you grow and debug this app and be a positive influence, or will you have 10 minutes of fame, forget to take action and flounder? 


    Best Regards, 


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