Do I need special permission to perform work at a retail location?




  • Tracy Ann

    I was on my first ever Gigwalk assignment today and was horrified to be confronted by a cashier who saw me taking photos and called a manager (via phone) to speak to me. She handed me the phone and the manager then demanded I stop taking photos and leave. They were NOT happy with me and highly suspicious of what I was doing. I apologized and quietly left. I even left my intended purchases behind. 1) Are we supposed to identify who we are and what we are doing when we enter stores? 2) If asked, do we say we are working with Gigwalk or ...? I was so nervous at being confronted this way, I told them I was just taking photos for holiday decorating planning, but I'm probably on store security cameras taking pictures of cleaning products, etc. 3) Can stores pursue action after you respectfully leave? All I was doing was taking photos and now I'm afraid they reported me as a suspicious person or my tags to law enforcement or something (this is a VERY small town). Thanks

  • Nikki

    Hi Tracy, I'm so sorry to hear about your negative experience. You aren't doing anything wrong or illegal by taking photos in a store, but you did the right thing by leaving when they asked you to do so. To answer your questions:
    1) No, you do not need to identify yourself upon arrival, unless the gig specifically details that you should do so.
    2) If asked, there are a number of things you could say, but simply telling them that you are performing an audit may be the simplest response. They aren't likely to recognize the name "Gigwalk".
    3) No, I don't believe they would have any reason or right to pursue action if you respectfully leave when asked. If you were already planning on making a purchase, then next time, you might ask if you would be permitted to finish your purchase, which might instill confidence that you are not a threat.

    If you'd like to discuss your situation further, please submit a support request, and we'll be able to look into your account.

  • Jessica E Bixby

    Winn-Dixie informed me that you must sign in and they must authorize the audit. The company needs to make the request with the home head quarters.

  • Paul M. Blake

    I am still quite confused, Nikki. You use the terms customers and client, and I'm not certain if these are synonymous or not. In the app under My Gigs, there is a button marked "Message the Customer". If used would I be messaging the "client" or user of the photos and data I am collecting or the business that I am calling on? The instructions for my gig tell me to speak to the manager and collect a lot of detailed information about the business. How am I to introduce myself and for whom am I collecting this information? The manager is certainly going to want to know.

  • Leslie Meade

    I was told today at Sprout's that I couldn't finish my audit. They said I need approval from corporate.

    I did take a few pics before being denied permission to continue.


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