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How do I add the photo I have taken on my assignment and who get it..i am confuse and I need help.need to submit my work but don't know how.



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    Nikki Goodson

    You'll need to take the photo on location from within the app.  Check out our FAQ on adding photos to gigs:

  • Shifra Meira Yisrael

    I really don't see exactly what your talking about, I keep looking and searching over and over and I can't figure it out.

  • Shifra Meira Yisrael

    Can't upload my pictures

  • Bella Luna

    Open the gig, and hit start when you arrive at the store. Then you will follow each question to answer it. Any question that has + in it for photos you will hit the + and take a photo. Then submit when finished. Make  the photo is clear snd not blury.


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