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  • Nikki Goodson

    CONGRATS, Terry!

  • marandaxmen

    Great job! Congratulations!

  • Amy Osnower

    Are you serious??!! Where do you live?! I never even see Gigs available and I live in the Los Angeles area!! Makes no sense to me! I check several times a day! I can't figure it out!! But hey - congrats! That's a huge accomplishment!

  • Terry Shipman

    I submitted that on September 2014. I live in Dallas and there were a lot of small dollar Gigs that I created a route to knock out. By combining them I was able to make it profitable over a one year period. I'm moving now to return to college for my Bachelor's degree and the area that I'm moving to isn't as active for Gigs. I've enjoyed my Gigwalk time and would do it again if possible. I will be busy enough with my course load and my regular job, so I doubt I will be doing Gigs any time soon.

  • Matt Pollak

    Hi Terry,

    I am a new Gigwalker, and to this inspection / audit stuff.  How many Gigs have you done now 3 years later? Are you still at it? Did you change your mind and keep at it?

    I would consider you a PRO Gigwalker with that many under your belt. Hope to hear from you.

  • Pinchez cluiz

    Are there gigs that I can do from home without travel


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