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Need to add information to a gig that I submitted yesterday



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    Nikki Goodson

    Hello Libby,

    You can go back into the gig and type a message in the "message to the client" section. You should be able to send a message this way even though you've submitted the gig. This way, the gig reviewer will see your notes when they go to QA your work.

    Have a great day!

  • Libby Bricker

    This is helpful. Thanks, Nikki. Could you also post a tutorial on how to best approach retailers when doing gigs. I have encountered mixed reactions from store managers/employees when trying to complete gigs and prefer to handle the situation as Gigwalk recommends. Should I introduce myself and what I am doing? I've read that we can simply say we're performing an audit, but audits usually have negative connotations. Thanks.


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