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My 1st Gig and I have questions



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    Nikki Goodson

    Hello John,

    I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience, but I'm glad for you that it sounds like you were able to at least complete the gig before being asked to leave. You might find this FAQ helpful:

    Additionally, if you would like to create a business card for yourself, here is our policy on that (of course, you probably don't have time today before your other gigs are due!):

    I generally find that being polite, professional, and confident in what you're doing to give you the best chances of success.

  • Melanie N.

    Hi John Paul,

    This question is addressed in the app under Gigwalk Support. Continue on to the Gigwalk support, instead of the customer support for the answer. The short answer is, don't reveal yourself, but if you're questioned, you can tell them you are performing an audit. I usually have a back story ready if I'm questioned, as sometimes I am not allowed to reveal myself. I've said that I was taking pictures for my daughter for a school project; I've also said I was taking pictures to send to my husband because I wasn't sure what he wanted me to purchase.

  • John Paul

    Thank you for the information, was very helpful. I finished the next 4 gigs without an issue.

  • Alajahwon Silvers

    I would start by introducing myself and presentation of the company and how its done.

  • Matt Pollak

    Hi John Paul,

    I was wondering after reading your story. Did you get some business cards? Are you still a Gigwalker? Hope to hear from you. How are you handling this nowadays?

    Nikki: Thanks for the good links.



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