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A few questions that need answered....



  • Bernadette Burpee

    This really isn't an answer but I am experiencing the same thing you are. Not being notified if I was accepted or not and the clock is ticking down.
    I did hear thru the grapevine that sometimes they just don't notify you. They keep in it the applied for and it keep it in review in case someone does not complete the gig. Someone from gig walk need to speak up about this as I am new also and hearing from them directly on this forum would be helpful.

  • baxterc2003

    Does anyone ever answer these questions? I am looking at the dates of posts in this forum and they are not recent.

    Sort of sad. I think that I am not going to waste my time with this if no one bothers to answer. I did all that support asked me to do.



  • Eyvonne Bognetti

    I have a gig that says panaroma photo but the app only allows a regular photo to be taken by the camera, how do youtake that type of picture?


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