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Kicked out by store manager - were you paid?



  • Samantha Killheffer

    I have had this happen, but not with Gigwalk. has paid me after mngmnt kicked me out, so has Observa, but Gigwalk is tight with their wallet, and just disqualify you. Gigwalk sent me back to a $6 gig 3 times because they wanted unrealistic pictures, but I kept trying to take them... Finally was accepted and paid. But I think that you should be paid, but they probably will not.

  • Candee6995

    If your asked to leave they should pay you or I wouldn't do no more work for them other companies do

  • Shakira Robinson

    Im trying to find help with a similar situation. Was sent back to retake pictures of inside location for the 3rd time (after closing time) then was rejected from gig by 9am the next morning.

  • Christopher Miller

    Yes I have been since paid for jobs and gigs with other companies either fully or a small "allowance" for the time and gas money for being kicked out.. Gigwalk seems to not care if it isn't your fault even when they don't provide an LOA . No incentive to travel anywhere to complete if you come up empty it's a big ZERO.


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