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Too many jobs done at a time?



  • Nikki Goodson

    Hi Shaun, there isn't an explicit limit, but based on what you've said, I wonder if they were just concerned that you may not be able to complete all of the work in time.  In fact, is this the Chip Audit? I might have been the one who left that comment for you. :)  


    Yes, you can do as many as you like (for most gigs) as long as you can get them done.  It seemed strange to me for this particular gig to do those in such a short time period.  At the time, I think the gigs had a time limit such as 12-2pm, but now that it has been opened so that you can complete them anytime during the day, then it should be easy for you to complete them all within the day.  In fact, as you know, those are repeating gigs, so please do claim them as many days as works out for you.  Thanks!

  • Shaun Flanigan

    Thanks for the quick response and yes it was you, lol! Is there a reason why it is now saying Access Permission Denied?

    You are correct it was originally from 12-2 but now it states 12-11pm making it possible for me to complete them. Since most of the audits are so close together I'm able to do them rather quickly and try to hit a couple on my way as well. The pay makes up for the distance and time it takes. I hope you can see the quality in my work and I take special care in making sure they are done correctly. I hope there is no further issues and I will be accepted for my other pending gigs so it still makes financial sense to drive. Thanks again!


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