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Optical store audit



  • Samantha Killheffer

    Don't tell them what you are doing there, make up a cover story, like your wife is going to have to get glasses and you want to take some pics for her to check out when she gets home, or something... Like a mystery shop. Get all the information you need when you're inside, and fill in in in the car. Like brands, whether they carry certain ones, pricing. They will be more helpful if they think you might make a purchase. Think of them as mystery shops... Less likely to be denied pictures of the frames... I am doing a number of these shops too, and only one place got upset about pics. -Samantha

  • Jody Engstrom

    Pretend like you're taking a selfie with the frames you are trying on but instead have your camera off of selfie mode taking pictures of the inside of the location.


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