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I have NOT received payment to my PayPal account and its been 30 hours.



  • Nevaeh 484

    I haven’t got my money I did it on the 16th and Today is the 20th so why isn’t the money going to my paypal I submitted it When I was done it keeps say pending review so I’m confused

  • Hannah Nance

    Neveah the client has 14 days to review your audit and accept it. If it says pending that means they have not reviewed it yet. You won’t get paid until it is reviewed.

  • Zihad Tv

    I just contacted PayPal being that I received 4 notifications from Gigwalk yesterday morning around 4:30am. Once I receive the approval notice, its always been in my PayPal account that same day. I was unable to go to a Christmas program last night and it looks like I will be missing out on my daughter's skating program this afternoon bc this was my extra money to get us through for the holidays. PayPal is not showing any payments were posted to my account. I am hoping this can get taken care of ASAP. I am supposed to be leaving within the next 30 minutes and cant understand why I haven't been paid yet???


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