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Pending Gig - status says Applied


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    Nikki Goodson

    Hi Kristen,


    Those gigs are "manual select" meaning that our system doesn't pick someone, like it normally does.  Rather, that client wants to pick a Gigwalker themselves - that's why you enter a text application rather than just pick how long it will take you.  They wait and get a TON of applicants - I've seen hundreds on there before - so your chances are very low of getting picked. So, don't worry about it! Just keep applying for future gigs, if you're still interested.  They mostly pick based on what kind of Gigwalker they are looking for.  Like maybe this time, they want a stay-at-home mom, or maybe they want someone who is a homeowner (it's a gig for insurance), or they want someone who is a working professional.  I would recommend saying that info about yourself when you apply, and maybe you will be picked sometime!

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