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Not being paid



  • Bella Luna

    Hi Michael, 

    For candy audits with a pole I always tried to capture the items on an angle or if there is space on the shelf I would move them over so it picks up in the photo. I took several angles to make sure they had what was needed to mend the pictures together. I also would write in comment area above the start gig button and write in the last question for additional comments for client. 

    As for Laxative audit you should have been able to upload more than two. If that happens again try to back out, force stop app, clear cache, and reboot your device. Then go back to the app and try again. They need to see the price and product so if you need to do 3 photos for the same section to break it up then do it. They prefer multiple photos head on and not on an angle. 

    If you notice a bug while doing your work document it and report it. Its the only way the techs can fix the problems. They need to have as much detailed info as possible from what you were doing before the bug happen to what app version you have to device detailed info. It really helps them to try and recreate the bug so they can apply a fix. Good luck to you and hope this info is helpful.

  • sam minor

    How do I contact gigwalk to get paid?


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