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Gigs STUCK in Pending?!!



  • Official comment
    Nikki Goodson

    When a gig seems stick in Pending, that is usually one of two reasons:

    1) Someone else was assigned, but we keep your application active in case that Gigwalker withdraws or is removed.

    2) It could be the case that we have enough gigs completed and have paused the rest of the gigs.  In that case, they might eventually decide to increase the number of gigs needed, so your application remains active.

    Your issue about gigs disappearing is also related to #2 above.


  • Bella Luna

    Android or ios user?

  • Kevin Lee


  • Bella Luna

    They are trying to repair the problem. Try updating your app. It seems to be running better. The update was released a few hr ago.

  • Bella Luna

    Nikki the gigs never remove themselves even if someone else completes them or they expire. In opd app it wasn't like this. There has to be a better way for this to be resolved because it appears on our side as if app is bugged. In old app if someone was selected you could not apply and now you can. If you unassign then reapply...and if they select you it gets stuck in limbo.

  • David Cooper

    Same issue, I just hope the one (out of 6) I did ask for is still there in the morning, even better if they just load me up with about 40 ;)

  • Kimberly Eisentrager

    There should be a waitlist status so we can see clearly whether we're likely to get the assignment. It would help us also to recognize possible bot use (like one sees in EasyShift with dozens of jobs being hoarded in a second and sat on-and inexplicably, almost never done)

  • Tina Mason

    i got an email saying a gig was assigned then another message saying i was unassigned. Then a message saying its pending. Im confused. 

  • Daniel Griggs

    Never got my gig money


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