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Grocery audit question 14 anyone else been scammed ?



  • Joshua Reining

    Okay so when I try to see the comment section it says action permission denied my work was not approved because they said they wanted better pics but when I returned to the store to do the pics the manager kicked me out of the store

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  • Cenethia Robinson

    I was scammed I did 8 of these assignments. They waited a week(today) to advise me an endcap was required. They placed the task back under my gigs. 3 hours later they have all been removed like I did nothing with no explanation. I spent 8 hours working on these gigs and to remove and pay for the work completed is sad

  • George Krichbaum

    I completed 5 of the $34-35 gigs last week. 1st one was paid this weekend. The 2nd one mysteriously disappeared from my completed list of gigs today. The 3rd one I attempted timed out after 95% completed. I waited about 5 minutes and reapplied for it and completed mostly from memory. Still awaiting payment on 4, including the one that dissapeared with No response. I have contacted Support on this.

  • Lexiwalberg

    Yes! This happened to me twice last week on Monday and Thursday. I emailed support immediately and prioritized the message as urgent, but as of right now have not even gotten a return email from a human. I was done with both gigs on time and both were correct and every question was answered. The exact message that kept on popping up on mine is shown in this picture. I took the picture after the fact as it was already past 7 pm and this message kept no popping up for 30 mins. 

    The first time it happened was for a $34 gig that I ended up doing again later in the week. I'm glad that I was able to do it again, but I could've done another gig during that time. So essentially I lost out on money twice. Then this happened again last Thursday at a different store and I have not even considered redoing that. 

    It's incredibly frustrating because it makes you nervous to wait till the very end. Is the same thing going to happen again? 

    Then today the customer reopened a gig I did last week and wanted a redo on a picture, which I would've done, but then an hour later the customer unassigned me and deleted the gig from my entire history. 

  • Mary Barnhill

    Wow! Thanks for the response everyone. I haven’t heard back from support so I ended up deleting all the questions I did answer and I removed all pics I took. Obviously I won’t get paid now, which I probably wasn’t anyways. This way they cannot use the info from my gig without paying me. I also contacted the store managers and informed them of the secret shopping assignments. I emailed support to close my gig account and still no response. These people are a joke. I will continue to contact the store managers every time a gig pops up (until my account is deleted), I have also contacted corporate offices for the stores to let me them their “field research” company is a scam. Thanks again everyone!!

  • Joni Hester

    I was given a comment that I had submitted and missed a pic. I went back re-did it and tried to re-submit it at the appropriate time. But..... I could not re-submit it. When I looked at it more in depth everything I had originally submitted is now gone!!!

  • Jeffella

    In my case, this is why it is a great idea to document everything (both photos & typed descriptive documentation of the situation) about this incident, including the location that Gigwalk listed for this specific assignment to Gigwalk Community Management, immediately!

    Each time that a Gigwalker believes that there is a scam going on, while on assignment &/or s/he is being scammed during &/or after completion, ALWAYS present documentation to this case & Hopefully, Gigwalk Community Management would, at least, reimburse the Gigwalker for the Lost Time, Transportation Money & all other lost purchases for assignment completion, immediately with providing advanced notification(s) upon when all reimbursements along with an inconvenience apologies take place.

  • Ebony Wright-Boyd

    Something very similar just happened to me, but it wasn't a high paying job. I worked several 5.75 payout gigs and most of them were approved, but a few days later I was sent a message saying that corrections needed to be made to two jobs. I corrected them, but the. A few days later I was told that question 5 had been reworded. I checked it out and it read the same. I asked for clarity, but never got it. I changed one gig just to see and nothing. then the gigs were gone. The app became glitchy and I just stopped. I haven't done a gig yet and I was hoping it was an accident and would be corrected once made aware, but reading these comments got me feeling otherwise. I completed about 26 of those gigs and got paid for just 21 of them. Question 5 was answered the same on all of them, so it didn't make sense to me that they paid out so much then became suspect about 7 gigs. I just submitted a request to the support team, so I'll try to keep you guys updated. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • K Williams

    I've been using gigwalk for over 2 years and they've only ever not paid me if it was something I could see myself if I looked at the job. High paying gig or low  paying gig, it didn't matter. I did 7 or 8 of the jobs y'all are referring to and aside from some issues with submitting and the app telling me I didn't have a signal when I did have a signal, everything was fine. Took a little longer than usual to get approved but they were all approved & paid with no problems.  I read the blog as well as the questions and comments in the support section but I've never personally posted anything, however, reading this thread I absolutely had to speak up.

    Mary Barnhill, WTF?

    Regardless of whether you do this full-time or just moonlight, how dare you take money from other people by blowing their cover because you were denied or are not paid yet for jobs. Who told you what non-disclosure means?Who made you the one who got to decide what jobs could be completed by others? How incredibly unprofessional. If I was gigwalk I would remove you from the system right now and not pay you for anything you have pending. It's very obvious to me what kind of person you are by the way you treated this situation and I hope to God you don't have kids there, watching their mother act like a kindergartner playing tit for tat... I would never, ever, under ANY circumstances call a manager at a store and let them know that they were going to be shopped, EVER!!!!

    That's not your place and is unethical to the extreme. When I read your post I was horrified by what you did and by how casually you spoke about what you'd done and were planning to continue doing. You make me ashamed to be associated with you in any way, shape or form.

    I apologize for admonishing you publicly but you were so proud of your appalling behavior that I had to speak out. I never say anything bad about anybody, actually I never say anything about anyone period because I never "associate" in any way with any other Gigwalkers. This was probably the one thing that could have made me break my silence. Smh


    Good luck in the future and God bless you...


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