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End cap photos



  • Tiffany Gould

    I had this same experience - did several instances of this gig to maximize earnings, and got paid for some of them while others were apparently somehow wrong. Went back to about half the supposedly-incorrect stores (the ones that it was convenient for me to go to) and took new pictures, and got them declined again. Definitely not putting any more effort into this particular set of gigs than I already have.

  • Gigwalker 2019

    Same issue with this particular gig as well. I simply explained to them that the end caps that I took pictures of where the exact same as the one in the photos. Instead of unassigning from the gig I simply resubmitted it and explained that the photos were the exact same. The gig was approved after I explained to them that my pictures were as requested.

  • Joan Salas

    Maybe they’ve realized after several of us submitted the same photos that the store didn’t have the kind of end caps that their display required. It was like they were sure the store was full of perfect end caps but I was submitting pics of an oddball one... I explained that the entire store had only that type of endcap but maybe I was the lucky first one to do it and maybe you were after a couple more frustrated people refused to lose money by going back to find the perfect endcap... all I know is when you pay 4.25 for someone’s time and then demand the impossible, you’re probably a jerk & I just feel grateful that I don’t actually work for them because imagine how horrible that would be!


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