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Can't find Gig location


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  • Hannah Nance


    You can complete the E-cig Verification from the comfort of your own home! This verification is just way for you to become certified to do the E-Cig gigs if they ever become available in your area. For example, after I did the certification, several $10-$20 gigs popped up in my area where I am supposed to go to a cigarette store or gas station, purchase the type of E-Cig that is specified in the gig posting, and once the gig has been accepted by GigWalk, I will be paid the $10-$20(whichever one you had chosen at the time) plus whatever the cost of the E-Cig minus $1 due to it not being legal for them to reimburse the whole price of the item bought due to it being a tobacco product, I believe.

    If you do see any of these gigs available in your area, make sure you are willing to(and able to) pay for the tobacco product upfront. It may be up to two weeks before you receive pay for the gigs you've submitted, so make sure you aren't putting yourself in any bind money wise.

    Oh and of course, you keep any E-Cig products that you purchase and get reimbursed for. So if you happen to use vape tobacco products or know someone who does, you will be satisfying your habit (or someone else's) while getting paid to do so!

    Hope that this helps you understand the E-Cig Verification and the gigs that follow it at least a little better.

    Feel free to ask me any questions.


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