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No gigs anymore



  • Thad Langenberg

    Unfortunately, for the time being, we are not posting any gigs in California due to legislation that recently came into effect. Until we are more clear on any potential impact on Gigwalk business, we have had to temporarily halt our gig offerings.

    - Gigwalk Support

  • Julz Kayla9

    I just joined & I soon realised theres no paid gigs in my area, I live in the capital city of my state yet theres nothing. I guess its just like everything else I find on the net, it's all US based & no consideration for countries like Australia, cos certain people think the world revolves around America and all ay!

  • Joe M

    is there no gigs in ohio?

  • Cynthia Russell

    Jukz, Are you SERIOUS!? That was a really lousy comment you made about everything being US based on the net. Get over yourself. I just found out there are no more Gigs being offered in the whole state of California, so get your facts straight before you say something stupid. I have seen plenty of apps that only operate in Europe, but I'm way too mature to go on their page and cry "boo hoo they don't operate in the US"...Find another app and move on. *SMH* 🤦

  • Jonathan J Makama

    Seriously am from Nigeria but is not operating here

  • Vanessa Esteves

    I live in Jersey City and there’s no gigs


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