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Protein drinks


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  • Club Quarantine

    pay attention closely to the details... Do not overthink it... When in doubt, follow the instructions word-for-word... If your still not sure, try to contact the MSP Agent or company help line. They are the ones who posted the gig and will be paying you after they approve it.

    So, the gig says protein muscle milk
    Kwik trip seymour (for example) that's where I completed mine at.
    Get on location, whip out your phone, open up gigwalk. You should already have the gig in your pending jobs if not select it from.the map. Hot claim gig. Then start the gig. Start out by taking the nessesary pictures needed to complete the gig sinverhose take the longest and are needed to be done at the location. Snap a pic of the front of the business, do it. Low key, don't let people see you snapping pictures if possible. Now go to the spot where the item is supposed to be.. I recommend getting a qr scanner for the scan. Hunts in qr code reader...they are not specific for this one other than brand "muscle milk" I snap two more n pics of the drink displays. Walk up and buy something. Go to my car. I now begin the next par t odlf the audit. The MSP just want it know in this case if and what types if protein drinks are currently stocked at this kwik trip location. I finish by answering all the questions correctly with my 2 pics as evidence to support my answers. I go back in and double check. Insubmit the the gig and drive away. When I did mine, there was no protein milk based drinks or Gatorade which made it super simple. Only worry about specifics if it is mentioned... hope that helped you guys out! 👍😎


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