How do I earn Certifications




  • Bella Luna

    Repost on my post under android and submit a ticket to support by clicking link at top right.

  • Robert Falls

    I have a problem that I'm curious how to solve. I applied for a gig and a Walmart store in Shelby North Carolina which is a short place from here. I neither heard nor have been able to see that I was ever approved for this gig it was for mops. I noticed today when I opened up the app that I'm being notified that I was selected for the gig but when I checked what I have work I have open nothing shows up no past gigs no present gigs no work. So I'm confused and how will I know when I'm actually accepted for work. Thank you for your time I appreciate it.

  • Robert Falls

    The gig is past due so obviously I've missed the work if I had been selected. If this is the case and I didn't know what was going on will I be debited for this. I'm an old gigabyte Walker was enjoying the job up until I had some serious health problems for which I have had to drop out for some time until I was healed which isn't completely but I am out doing things finally I need something to take my time up as I'm retired. Thank you for allowing me to come back to work. RobertR Falls

  • Bella Luna

    Wrong location for this question. If the job doesn't show up then go to notification and click the one says you were assigned. It should open up. Or the one that says 1 hour remaining. No you won't be debited or anything. Just simply reapply and try again. If it sits in pending its because someone else already has the gig. If they don't complete it then the gig will go to the next person waiting in line based on what I was told. 


    Welcome back gigwalker and best wishes to you. Make a new post if you have any other questions.

  • Kat waterstraat

    I took the certification test a few months ago and passed it but it never showed up under my certifications. Now I'm getting a gig to take the test again. Do I have to take it again?

  • Stay Lifted Broadcast w/keldoll

    Same here ♡ it said approved but doesn't show in my credentials >_

  • Bella Luna

    Kat and Stay send an email to support

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