I'm not receiving push notifications




  • Kacey Higham

    I continue to sign up for gigs then realize some time later that I was selected for the gig, but at that point it is already past due.. And then in the long run it seems that I am being penalized because there are less and less gigs to apply for. What can I do in this situation to make things correct and back as they seemed when I started..??

  • Nikki

    Hi Kacey!  I'm going to edit the description to also mention that you should receive notifications when you have 1 hour left before expiration.

    If you are not getting the notifications, then the first thing I would recommend is checking your settings to make sure that Gigwalk specifically has Notifications enabled.  Another suggestion is that you could log out and log back in.  When you log in, that's when your phone is registered for receiving notifications, so if that failed for some reason, this could initiate that process again. 

    Also, just so you know, you are NOT shown fewer gigs because of something like this.  You would be less likely to be selected for a gig though, if someone else with a higher rating applied as well.

  • Tonya Hawkins

    I have applied for one of the gigs Samsung it does not show up as my gig but I received a email I was in delete from the location it was overdue I am very confused and need help to understand if it doesn't show up as one of my gigs how am I overdue on doing the assignment

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